To Paint or Make Love


William and Madeleine live in a town at the foot of mountains. Married for a long time, faithful to each other and in love, they lead a quiet life. Their daughter, an only child, is moving to Italy. Now they have nobody but themselves to look out for. During one of her walks in the surrounding hills, Madeleine sets up her easel in front of an old house and meets Adam, a man who is refined, well read and blind. He shows Madeline around the house she is painting, which is for sale. It's love at first sight. William and Madeleine decide to buy it. In the weeks following the sale, William and Madeleine are in a state of bliss. They organize their new life nearby Adam and his young companion Eva, whose house is only few hundred yards away. When their new friends' house burns to the ground, William and Madeleine want nothing more than to take them in.



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