Let It Rain


Agathe Villanova, a feminist who has recently taken up politics again, returns to her childhood home in the south of France for ten days. She has come to help her sister Florence sort out their deceased mother's affairs. Agathe doesn't like this region; she'd left as soon as she'd been able. But political issues to do with equal representation have brought her back to the area in the lead up to regional elections. Florence, her husband, and their children all live in the family home, along with Mimouna, a maid that the Villanovas brought back with them from Algeria during the war of independence. Mimouna's son Karim and his friend Michel Ronsard wish to make a documentary about Agathe as part of a series about "Women Who've Made It." Although it's August, the sky is overcast and it rains. Not at all normal for the season. But, then nothing will unfold normally



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