Have I the Right to Kill ?


Thomas Vlassenroot, a citizen of Luxembourg, after his divorce, decides to enlist in the French Foreign Legion. He is posted to Algeria but during the 1961 uprising he becomes disllusioned and deserts. While in hiding he receives a visit from his former lieutenant played by Georges Géret, who is also a defector but now works for the OAS, a group opposing Algerian independence. Lieutenant Fraser entices Thomas to join the OAS and also to take part in a plan to kidnap lawyer Dominique Servet by promising him enough money to enable him to return to his home in Luxembourg. Dominique Servet is in Algiers defending Algerian nationalists in court and this has made her a target. Thomas soon finds himself conflicted as he falls in love with his prisoner and helps her escape back to France.



BOSTON (Cambridge) - May 20 at 7:00pm - Harvard Film Archive Cinematheque


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