Immersed in the colorful and vibrant setting of Dharamsala (India), Natalie Fuchs and 3 individuals from very different backgrounds come together to face their deepest fears, as they approach the transformational power of the Kalachakra initiation, led by the Dalai Lama and followed by millions. Kalachakra is the most sacred teaching in Tibetan buddhism; the initiation is generally given over 11 days. There are seven days of preparation rituals during which the monks make the mandala. The ceremony ends when the monks release the positive energy of the mandala into the everyday world through a final ritual. Kalachakra means “wheel of time.” Rarely filmed, this initiation has long remained secret. The Dalai Lama gives it for peace in the world. Through this film, we enter an ancient and unknown dimension, where death meets life, and we are changed forever.


Réalisateur :
  • Natalie Fuchs
Avec / with :
Genre :
  • Documentary
Date de sortie :

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