The White Sandals


It all begins in the early 60s, in a slum just outside Paris inhabited by Algerian immigrants. Malika is 5, and her mum has just bought her a brand-new pair of sandals. They're so white that the little girl can't keep her eyes off them, and doesn't see the reversing truck. Then begin years of hospital, operations, suffering and struggle. Years far from her family, during which the little Muslim girl, in the hands of Catholic nurses and nuns, discovers music and singing at mass. From that point on, fighting the racism of French society as well as the enduring prejudices of her own community, Malika follows her dream and moves mountains to become the woman everyone will one day call "the diva of the ghetto".



Available through virtual cinema - December 8-11 (via African Diaspora IFF) in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut only


Available on streaming or VoD

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