The Dazzled


When we first meet 12-year-old Camille, she herself is a dazzling sight — all aglitter, hanging from ropes, tumbling and twirling high over the heads of the audience below. She is clearly the star acrobat at her circus school. But her world is turned upside-down when her parents are bedazzled by a local priest everyone calls “the Shepherd.” The entire family joins his flock, moving into a closed Catholic community, where Camille’s beloved creative outlet is suddenly called into question. She struggles with her yearning for independence and begins to question her own judgement. But in her heart, she knows something is awry.


Réalisateur :
  • Sarah Suco
Avec / with :
Camille Cottin, Céleste Brunnquell, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Eric Caravaca
Genre :
  • Drama
Date de sortie :

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