You Choose


This breezy confection is the ideal vehicle for actor Alexandra Lamy’s comic madness. Juliette has perfected the art of indecision. At the age of 40, she defers to her father, or her two besties, Joëlle and Sonia, for all of life’s questions, from what to eat for lunch to what to do for a living. When her exasperated fiancé dumps her, Joëlle and Sonia decide that the best thing for her to do is find a new beau immediately. Juliette leans into the task at hand, and is soon rewarded with Etienne, a charming foodie with a well-equipped kitchen. Then disaster strikes, in the form of a Scotsman named Paul. With his lean profile and fat wallet, Paul is every woman’s idea of a catch. To make matters worse, both men make proposals of marriage. When her usual advisors refuse to make the choice for her, Juliette has only one choice left: stall, stall, stall.


Réalisateur :
  • Éric Lavaine
Avec / with :
Alexandra Lamy, Arnaud Ducret, Jamie Bamber
Genre :
  • Comedy
Date de sortie :

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