The Blood of a Poet


A factory chimney begins to fall. While this is happening, in a poet's room, an armless statue abruptly comes to life. It invites the poet to step through a mirror and to discover another world. Strange places and characters present themselves to him: a seedy hotel corridor, an opium den, a room where a young woman is given a lesson in how to steal, a hermaphrodite, etc. The poet tears himself away from these twisted fascinations and returns, with some difficulty, to his room. He destroys the statue, after which he becomes a statue himself.


Réalisateur :
  • Jean Cocteau
Avec / with :
Enrique de Rivero, Lee Miller, Pauline carton, Jean-Sébastien Desbordes, Jean Cocteau (voiceover)
Genre :
  • Fantasy
Date de sortie :

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