In this breakneck new thriller from legendary filmmaker Costa-Gavras (Z, Missing), multinational corporations supplant traditional nation states as the new global mega-powers. French comedian Gad Elmaleh (Midnight in Paris), in a charismatic change of pace, plays Marc Tourneuil, a novice investment bank CEO who demonstrates a savvy balance of naïve populism and cutthroat instinct as he sails the chaotic waters of international finance. By fending off hostile takeovers and backstabbing coups—most notably from an American financier played by Gabriel Byrne—Marc channels the director’s take on class warfare, the morality of convenience and the mercenary swiftness of fortunes lost, found and taken. Are Marc’s greed and ambition too big to fail? Costa-Gavras has made a career of offering few easy answers to tales of political turmoil, and the endlessly entertaining Capital is no exception as it wades through sex, money and power with the auteur’s cinematic instincts alive and flourishing.



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