Last Year at Marienbad


Resnias’s follow-up to Hiroshima Mon Amour is the epitome of the art film. Winner of the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival, it is a film that continues to enchant, confuse, and enrapture its spectators. In a sumptuous, baroque hotel, an elegant man tries to convince a beautiful woman that they have met a year before, setting off an enigmatic and dreamlike series of events in Resnais’s luscious, mysterious film. J. Hoberman of the Village Voice calls the film “one of the most influential films ever made.”



BOSTON - July 19 & 28 - Museum of Fine Arts

CLEVELAND - July 27-28 - CIA

LOS ANGELES - Opens July 12 - Laemmle Royal

LOS ANGELES (Glendale) - Opens July 12 - Laemmle Glendale

LOS ANGELES (Pasadena) - Opens July 12 - Laemmle Playhouse

NEW YORK - September 1 at 6:15pm - BAM

CHICAGO (Oak Park) - August 20 - Classic Cinemas Lake Theatre

SEATTLE - August 9-15 - The Beacon