Under The Pines


Set in the towering forests of Landes in the aftermath of WWI, when sweeping social changes threatened the economic feudalism that had enriched landowners for generations. Liéna, a recently widowed heiress, takes control of the family fortune and decides to fulfill her deceased husband’s ambition of bringing electricity to the entire region. Partly because she is a woman, most regard her as a deluded fool, and she soon finds herself set upon on all fronts: a family desperately clinging to the old ways, labor hell-bent on getting their fair share of the pie, and her burgeoning, forbidden love affair with the plantation foreman. Even the forests which have so long been the source of her family’s wealth now seem to be closing in on her, but Liéna, is determined to prove that she is anything but deluded, and she is certainly nobody’s fool.



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