Love on the Run


In the final chapter of Antoine Doinel's saga, we find him convivially concluding his marriage, enjoying moderate success as a novelist, and clinging to his romantic fantasies. The newly single Doinel finds a new object of his affections in Sabine, a record store salesgirl whom he pursues with the fervid belief that without love, one is nothing. Along the way, he renews his acquaintance with previous loves and confronts his own chaotic past.



CLEVELAND - October 22-23 - CIA Cinematheque

LOS ANGELES - October 20 & 25 - American Cinematheque, Aero Theater (with "Bed and Board" on Oct 20)

LOUISVILLE - October 9 at 3:00pm - Speed Art Museum

NEW YORK - September 28 & October 2, 5 - Film Forum


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