Mama Weed


A French-Arabic translator for the Paris police anti-narcotics unit, Patience Portefeux interprets the daily calls and conversations between the city’s biggest drug dealers. In the evenings, she looks in on her aging mother at the long-term care facility where she is months behind in paying the bills. When she overhears the son of one of her mother’s nurses on the wiretap at work, Patience is moved to protect him. But her involvement in his business quickly escalates and she finds herself in possession of a huge store of hash and the insider knowledge required to move it. With her newly adopted retired police dog at her side, Patience transforms into Mama Weed, a savvy saleswoman capitalizing on her field experience to earn the extra income she so desperately needs while doing her best to stay one step ahead of her colleagues at the precinct.



In Theaters

ALLENTOWN - August 20-21 - Civic Theatre

BOCA RATON - July 16-29 - Living Room Theaters

FAIRFAX - July 16-29 - Cinema Arts Theatre

FORT LAUDERDALE - July 16-29 - Gateway Cinema

INDIANAPOLIS - July 16-29 - Living Room Theaters

LOS ANGELES (Beverly Hills) - Now playing - Lumiere Cinema at the Music Hall

LAS CRUCES (Mesilla) - August 13-15 & 18 - Fountain Theater

MINNEAPOLIS - July 23-29 - St. Anthony Main Theatre

PALM SPRINGS - July 16-29 - Cultural Center

PHILADELPHIA - July 16-18, 21-25 & 27-29 - Philadelphia Film Society - Bourse Theater

PHOENIX (Scottsdale) - July 16-29 - Harkins Theatres Shea

PORTLAND - July 16-29 - Living Room Theaters

TUNKHANNOCK - July 19, 22, 26, 30 & August 4 - Dietrich Theater

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