La Chienne


La Chienne is the tale of the degradation, victimization, and ultimate liberation of one Maurice Legrand, a mousy, middle-aged bank accountant who manages a double life – with deadly consequences. Henpecked at home by his overbearing wife, Maurice retreats into his painting hobby whenever he can. As chance would have it, he meets Lulu, a charming but street-smart femme fatal, and quickly falls for her. Believing her to be the love of his life, Maurice sets her up in an apartment ostensibly used to store his paintings, without realizing that Lulu is in fact a streetwalker in love with Dédé, her abusive pimp. It’s a cushy gig for Lulu, but the loathsome Dédé wants more, and figures out a way to put all those paintings to better use.


Réalisateur :
  • Jean Renoir
Avec / with :
Michel Simon, Janie Mareze, Georges Flamant
Genre :
  • Drama
Date de sortie :

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