A Place in the Sun


November 2018. The Yellow Vests occupy roundabouts and demonstrate on Saturdays all over France. In the winter of 2018, armed with their humor, camera, and new brake pads, Ruffin (an investigative journalist and elected representative of the Assemblee Nationale, also director of Merci Patron ! – MiniFest 2016), and his accomplice, co-director Gilles Perret, crossed the country from north to south, stopping at every yellow roundabout along the way to listen to the people. They talk about their lives, their everyday struggles. It is like opening a surprise package. What will come out? Will it be laughter or tears? Tenderness or anger? Hope or despair? Ruffin and Perret give voices to these forgotten people we rarely get a chance to be heard. They capture the magical moments when women and men, usually resigned, stand up with pride to claim their place in the sun.



Available nationwide through virtual cinema - June 1-30 (free via IF Cinema)


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