Middle aged Ricardo Trogi continues to recount key periods in his formative years. This time, the year is 1991 when he was a twenty-one year old student in the screenwriting program a UQAM. Arguably, the two items foremost on his mind are having to deal with a genetic issue, and being in love with Marie-Ève Bernard, who he met the year before. Although he does not see her as being perfect, he does see her as the mother of his future children. When Marie- Ève tells him that she is going on an exchange program in Perugia the story begins… affected by a his paternal family’s mushroom risotto recipe, a contributing factor to women having fallen in love with Trogi men…


Réalisateur :
  • Ricardo Trogi
Avec / with :
Sandrine Bisson, Jean-Carl Boucher
Genre :
  • Comedy
Date de sortie :

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