Holy Lands


Facing a crossroads in life, Harry Rosenmerck leaves New York and his family with an unlikely plan to start a pig farm in Nazareth, causing the anger of neighboring local communities. His conflict with the town Rabbi, Moshe Cattan slowly turns into a friendship that leads him to reevaluate his relationship with his estranged family, including his difficult ex-wife, 34-year-old student daughter, and playwrighting son David. HOLY LANDS is an emotional, humorous and dramatic story about the passage of time and the connections between people and family.



LOS ANGELES - Opens June 21 - Laemmle Music Hall

MIAMI - June 20 at 7:30pm - Michael-Ann Russell JCC (RSVP)

NEW YORK - June 21-27 - Cinema Village

NEW YORK - June 18 at 7:00pm - Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan