Souleymane (aka Grigris) is a star on the dance floor, where he wows the locals with some astonishing moves. He is transcendent—despite the handicap of his deformed leg. Though his agility garners him the notice of the lovely Mimi, a young woman with modeling aspirations, the small sums he makes from his performances aren’t enough to pay his terminally ill stepfather’s medical bills. Grigris thinks that a job with a neighborhood smuggler will lift him out of these financial straits, but the resulting fracas only leads to bigger problems for himself and Mimi. With his customary humanitarianism and compassion in portraying people who live, work and struggle in Chad, director MahametSaleh Haroun (A Screaming Man) charts the difficulties and challenges faced by his title character while also positing a potentially uplifting resolution whereby female resilience and solidarity can triumph over the poor decisions and cruel behavior of men.



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