Gaspard at the Wedding


Gaspard (Felix Moati, France's new heartthrob also starring in Some Like it Veiled, playing this year at the SFFF) is on his way to his father’s wedding. He has kept his distance from his family for a while and is not thrilled to make the trip. On the train, he meets Laura (Laetitia Dosch, Age of Panic - SFFF 2014) an eccentric young woman who agrees to accompany him as his pretend girlfriend. With her beside him, he feels ready to set foot again in the zoo owned by his very peculiar family. His family itself is some sort of a zoo: his father, Max (Johan Heldenbergh), is an out-of-control womanizer whose bride-to-be Peggy (Marina Foïs, also starring in The Workshop, playing this year at the SFFF) just canceled their wedding; his brother Virgil (Guillaume Gouix, This is Our Land - SFFF 2017, Attila Marcel - SFFF 2014) is far too sensible and jealous; and his sister Coline (Christa Théret), who wears the skin of the bear who was her childhood companion, way too beautiful and troubled. And let’s not talk about his dead mother (a cameo by Élodie Bouchez), devoured by a tiger...