Edward and Caroline


Edouard is a pianist, married with Caroline. This evening, they are invited to Claude's. Claude is the snobbish uncle of Caroline, his son Alain (as snobbish as his father) is in love with Caroline. They spite Edouard a little because he's poor. At the party, Edouard must play the piano to make himself known by Claude's important acquaintances. But just before leaving, Edouard and Caroline quarrel about clothes, and Edouard goes alone...


Réalisateur :
  • Jacques Becker
Avec / with :
Daniel Gélin, Anne Vernon, Jacques François, Jean Galland, Elina Labourdette
Genre :
  • Comedy
  • Romance
Date de sortie :


NEW YORK - June 13 at 4:00pm & 7:30pm - FIAF Florence Gould Hall


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