Casanova, Last Love


In the eighteenth century, Casanova, known for his taste for fun and play, arrived in London after having to go into exile. In this city of which he knows nothing, he meets several times a young courtesan, the Charpillon, which attracts him to the point of forgetting the other women. Casanova is ready to do anything to achieve her ends, but La Charpillon always escapes under the most diverse pretexts. She challenges him, she wants him to love her as much as he wants.



BOSTON (Cambridge) - July 23-29 - Landmark's Kendall Square Cinema

FORT WORTH - July 23-25 - Modern Art Museum

LOS ANGELES - July 14-29 - Laemmle Royal

NEW YORK - July 14-29 - Quad Cinema

SEDONA - July 30-August 5 - Mary D. Fisher Theatre

WILMINGTON - August 14-15 - Theatre N


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