Although not yet thirty, Diane has a high level job working for a multinational corporation run by Henri-Pierre Volf. In the logic of the diversification of its activities - from real estate to clothing design - the Volf Group is negociating the acquisition of TokyoAnime, a Japanese company which produces a new form of manga, and its pornographic version, hentaï, in digital 3D images that will outdate and destroy the competition in this extraordinarily lucrative market. Two companies, Mangatronics and Demonlover, battle to obtain exclusive distribution rights to Volf's new images on the Web. Mangatronics has recruted Diane as a kind of industrial spy to serve its interests by torpedoing the Demonlover contract from within. Diane discovers that the sites' spies - in the form of her seemingly neutral, naive colleagues - have also inflitrated the Wolf Group, which in turn has its own spies keeping tabs. Her increasing knowledge makes her a danger to Demonlover. Soon there is no way out, except to be absorbed into cyberspace, of which she was perhaps already a part right from the start.


Réalisateur :
  • Olivier Assayas
Avec / with :
Connie Nielsen, Charles Berling, Chloë Sevigny
Genre :
  • Thriller
  • Drama
Date de sortie :

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