David and Madame Hansen


David is an occupational therapist. He's been practicising for a short while in a rich Swiss clinic. One morning, one of his colleagues is unable to make an appointment in town with a patient, Madame Hansen-Bergmann and David goes instead. Initially prudent and respectful of medical protocol, David proves to be a real stickler for the regulations. But as he spends more time with his patient, his curosity grows: so much provocativeness and insolence, mixed with such sudden and inexplicable waves of despair and chagrin can only hide a major traumatic episode. Will they get to the bottom of it....


Réalisateur :
  • Alexandre Astier
Avec / with :
Isabelle Adjani, Alexandre Astier, Julie-Anne Roth
Genre :
  • Dramedy
Date de sortie :

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