Family First


JP’s first priority is always his family, and yet he constantly finds himself pulled between their various messed-up problems in this French-Canadian Animal Kingdom. Between erratic brother Vincent, a violent man-baby with mommy issues and a penchant for seriously hurting himself and others; his mother, a recovering alcoholic; and his dangerous uncle, the head of a drug cartel and his tough-as-nails boss, JP’s only source of comfort is his sensible girlfriend, Mel. But when his uncle has a “special job” for JP, enmeshing him further and further in his illegal business, JP will have to go to dark lengths to extricate himself from the worst parts of his life while protecting his self-destructive family from harm (and from themselves).


Réalisateur :
  • Sophie Dupuis
Avec / with :
Théodore Pellerin, Jean-Simon Leduc, Paul Ahmarani
Genre :
  • Drama
Date de sortie :

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