Who You Think I Am


To spy on her lover Ludo, 50 year-old Claire Millaud creates a fake profile on social media and becomes Clara, a beautiful 24 year-old. Alex, Ludo’s friend is instantly enamored. Claire, trapped by her avatar, falls madly in love with him. Although everything is played out in the virtual world, the feelings that blossom are quite real. A beguiling story where lies are entangled with reality.



ALBANY, CA - Now playing - Landmark's Albany Twin

ALLENTOWN - October 1-3 - Civic Theatre

BOCA RATON - Now playing - Living Room Theater

BOISE - Opens September 24 - The Flicks

CHICAGO (Highland Park) - Now playing - Landmark's Renaissance Place Cinema

CLEVELAND - October 2-3 - CIA Cinematheque

DENVER - Now playing - Landmark's Chez Artiste Theatre

FORT WORTH - October 8-10 - Modern Art Museum

LEWES - September 17-19 & 22-23 - Cinema Art Theater

NEW YORK - Now playing - Quad Cinema

PHILADELPHIA - Now playing - Landmark's Ritz East

PORTLAND - Now playing - Living Room Theater

SAN FRANCISCO - Now playing - Vogue Theater

SAN FRANCISCO (San Rafael) - Opens September 24 - Smith Rafael Film Center

WASHINGTON DC - Now playing - Landmark's E-Street Cinema

WILMINGTON - October 2-3 - Theatre N


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