Effortlessly shifting from moments of tenderness to burlesque, this wily romantic comedy poses the question, is love merely a form of mutual self-deception? The idiosyncratic Emmanuel Mouret plays Clément, a humble high school teacher quite at home in a classroom, but uncertain and awkward in matters of romance. Luck is on his side when it comes to the woman he has long loved and admired, Alicia, a sublime and revered actress, played by Virginia Efira. Alicia believes that the love of her life is destined to be a modest man from outside the world of entertainment and celebrity – and Clément fits that bill perfectly. Lightning strikes twice, however, when Caprice, a vivacious but penniless unknown played by Anaïs Desmoustier, gets it into her head that destiny also has a plan for her and Clément. Seeing Caprice as a threat to his newfound happiness, Clément rebuffs her, but the rebellious minx is not above a little treachery to get what she wants.



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