Rogue City


Marseille. The streets are rife with gangland warfare. A bloody shootout at a disco, undertaken by the Orsolani clan, fans the flames sky-high. Anti-Gang Brigade cop Vronsky, known for his unorthodox methods, is put in charge of the case alongside Costa, his longtime rival from the Banditry Repression Brigade. A new police chief is sent down to call the shots and clean the city up. Very quickly, everyone realizes that, in this investigation, you don’t get anything without risks and sacrifices. Vronski and his crew find themselves in a race against time to save their skin…


Réalisateur :
  • Olivier Marchal
Avec / with :
Lannick Gautry, Kaaris, Jean Reno, Claudia Cardinale
Genre :
  • Thriller
  • Action
Date de sortie :

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