All Gone South


Just one-and-a-half years after Babysitting found box office gold in France, the boys are back with a sequel, and ready to double down on the mayhem. This time they export their antics to a quiet, upscale eco-resort in the Brazilian rainforest. Trying to get serious with his life, Franck agrees to finally meet his girlfriend Sonia’s father, Alain, the pompous director of the resort. Without thinking it through, Franck invites his wrecking crew, Sam, Ernest, and Alex, along for the vacation of their lives. It’s not the smartest move, because soon his best buds are sabotaging his attempts to prove his worthiness to the potential father-in-law. The most damning evidence comes in the form of a GoPro camera found deep in the jungle – it’s disturbing but hilarious footage, the only clue in the mysterious disappearance of the gang. Tongue-in-cheek adventure meets cheeky sketch comedy, with surprisingly combustible results.



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