In Her Name


More intimate drama than thriller, Kalinka chronicles one man’s quixotic, 27-year fight for justice in the name of his murdered daughter. Imagine it, your 14-year-old child turns up dead from alleged sunstroke at the house of your ex-wife’s new husband, a German doctor with a history of sexual abuse. Worse, the autopsy report reveals evidence of abuse and mysterious injections, administered both before and after death. The sordid side of André Bamberski’s story has been tabloid fodder for years in France. But questions about what really happened that fateful night take a back seat to Daniel Auteuil’s fierce interpretation of Bamberski’s obsessive determination to bring the case to trial in the face of mounting bureaucratic quagmires and spineless magistrates. As the situation grows more desperate, so do Bamberski’s tactics, and when the doctor’s extradition to France begins to look unlikely, the aggrieved father decides it’s time to play a different, more proactive role.



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