After Blue (Dirty Paradise)


In a distant future, on a savage planet, the lonely teenager Roxy frees a criminal buried in the sand. Once freed, the woman starts spreading fear and death again. Roxy and her mother Zora are deemed responsible, exiled from their community and sentenced to track down the killer. Thus, they begin roaming the fantastical and spectral territories of their dirty paradise.



DENVER - June 3 at 9:30pm - Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake

DENVER - June 6-12 - Sie Film Center

ITHACA - Opens June 10 - Cinemapolis

NEW YORK (Brooklyn) - June 4-5 - Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

NEW YORK - June 3 at 9:45pm - Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan

RALEIGH - June 3 at 10:15pm - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

SAN FRANCISCO - June 3 at 10:00pm - Alamo Drafthouse New Mission

TACOMA - June 3-9 - The Grand Cinema

WASHINGTON DC - June 10 & 14-15 - Suns Cinema


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