The Queen of Hearts (La Reine des pommes)

Valérie Donzelli's The Queen of Hearts (La Reine des pommes, 2009) reminds me of why I fell in love with French Cinema. The story is playful, the characters are unexpected, and everything seems a bit more beautiful after the credits begin to roll. This comedy is France's version of a chick flick, with a bumbling lead character, whose child-like innocence is uniquely uplifting and relatable. SPECIAL OFFER: Enjoy a free trial, get 20% off your subscription to Fandor (only $8 a month) with FrenchFlicks, and watch the movie now!

An extreme hopelessness takes over Adele (Valérie Donzelli) after a devastating breakup with a long-term boyfriend (Jérémie Elkaïm). The rest of the film explores her recovery as she haphazardly navigates through a sea of Don Juans and pervs in the search of her next true love. 
Every woman has felt the staggering vulnerability that Adele so plainly embodies. The fact that Donzelli writes, directs, and stars in this piece only further illustrates the personal and exposed feminine voice that is captured throughout.
Donzelli's ex-husband and co-writer/co-star Jérémie Elkaïm also makes an excellent contribution with his long list of varying roles. 
Not to mention, there is singing involved!
Even though it's a very stars and stripes weekend, be sure and make a little time for the French this week with Fandor! 

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