Back in Crime

Forget your favorite Nouvelle Vague flick and your typical “Friends in their summer house drinking wine” French film and tune in to this surprising supernatural thriller from France.

For his feature debut, Germinal Alvarez directs the ambitious Back in Crime (L'autre vie de Richard Kemp), about a detective brought back to 1989 to get a second chance at solving the most frustrating murder mystery of his career. 

Is knowing which crimes that will be committed in the future enough to prevent them? And what are the consequences for your life and the life of others if you change the past? All of these questions and more are raised in the strange premise of Back in Crime, magnifed by the foggy atmosphere of La Rochelle, the French port city that provides a fitting backdrop to this eerie story. 

The film is not short of surprises, but is never too hard to follow. To carry the story, the film can count on the strong performances of the duo Jean-Hugues Anglade and Mélanie Thierry, both playing tactfully and without any unnecessary emphases when confronted with the subject of time-travel.

« Un film maîtrisé dans sa mise en scène comme dans son scénario. » - Le Monde

« Porté par une réalisation à la fois souple et précise au service d'un scénario rigoureux, cette uchronie à l'échelle intime et personnelle emporte l'adhésion. » - Les Fiches du cinéma

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